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  • Jungle Waterfall


Get to know your Earth like never before with Orbi, an attraction like no other. Fusing SEGA’s innovation in the world of entertainment with BBC Earth’s groundbreaking natural history content, Orbi will put you at the heart of nature, right in the heart of Dubai.

Orbi consists of twelve different nature zones designed to create experiences that would be impossible in the real world – where visitors can soar through Earth’s skies, follow in the footsteps of polar explorers and experience the thunder of being placed in the centre of an elephant migration. The centrepiece of the attraction is the Earth Theatre, a 35-metre-wide screen with a powerful 3D sound system where the natural world comes to life through state of the art technologies including fog, vibratory sensations and fragrances.

Orbi is a unique multi-sensory attraction experience that delivers nature supercharged.…


Why Orbi?

Of all the things to do in Dubai, a visit to Orbi Dubai stands out as one of the most fun individual or group activities. From among the many attractions in Dubai, Orbi, not only surprises you with amazing facts about animals and the earth, but is one of the most fun things for kids and families to do. If you are wondering what to do in Dubai, whether to celebrate a birthday or just have fun -- wonder no more – come to Orbi Dubai and be amazed! Orbi is many attractions in one. You may find yourself coming back again and again to experience the multi-sensory thrill of being transported to the far corners of our planet.