Witness the flourishing life on planet earth

Named after the tilt of the Earth’s axis, Orbi’s Earth Theatre 23.4 lets you experience the surreal beauty of natural world on one of the largest theatre screens in the world.  At 40 meters wide this theatre screen plays host to custom made BBC Earth films complemented by two massive screens behind viewers, 3D sound and other cutting-edge technologies that generate wind, fog, vibrations and even smells.

The 23.4 degree tilt in the earth’s axis, relative to the plane of its rotation around the sun, gives our planet the changes in seasonal weather and is one of the causes of the tremendous variety of climate, animal life, and vegetation found in our world.  Here in this unique theatre, with its massive multiple screens and multiple sensory effects, you will be taken on journeys only crews of BBC Earth have been able to experience – until now.  Earth theatre 23:4 is unique among Dubai attractions, and one of the best things to do.

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