Watch out, there’s a Gorilla about…

Do you have what it takes to join the BBC Earth crew? Merging 3D film with a special effect 4D experience, guests are transported to a BBC Earth location shoot with mountain gorillas helping you truly understand what it takes to film in the natural world.  

Among the most immersive of 4D activities in Dubai, Mountain Gorilla conveys interesting facts about gorillas while letting you accompany a BBC Earth crew deep into the jungle.  As a mini-4D theater, Mountain Gorilla lets you experience the exhilaration until now known only to the BBC Earth crews – and the animals they encounter!  The BBC crews spend months in preparation and days in transport in getting to the scene, but thanks to Orbi, you will be there in seconds!  Try to stay quiet and out of the way, because gorillas are unpredictable!


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