In the wilderness of Kalahari Desert

In the Kalahari danger is never far away. Now one young Meerkat is about to start the journey of a lifetime. Traversing the landscapes of the desert, his family must first fight for his survival, until the time comes when he must fight for theirs. 

Set in the Kalahari Desert in Southern Africa, this thrilling coming of age story is sure to delight adults and kids alike.  Facing threats from all sides, our hero and his family must remain constantly vigilant in order to protect each other.  Yet their endearing playful nature emerges often and grabs at our hearts.  Will our hero survive the multiple trials he must face?  Each member of the family has a key role to play.  Not only will you learn even more amazing facts about animals -- you are sure to be on the edge of your seat for the climactic finale.  

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