Step into the vast landscapes of Yellowstone National Park

Perched high in the Rocky Mountains, Yellowstone is a land of extremes. From the depths of its frozen winters to the rich bounty of its summers, this is a uniquely beautiful and diverse ecosystem. The Magic of Yellowstone follows the stories of four of Yellowstone’s iconic inhabitants - the wolf, the bison, the fox and the otter.  Footage shot over four seasons for the BBC’s Yellowstone series, is reimagined and reengineered it for a brand new theatrical space, enhanced with sensory technology and brought to life with an original 3D-surround soundtrack.

Come to Orbi to experience the world’s first national park.  Situated 2500 meters high in the Rocky Mountains of North American, and surrounded by even higher peaks, Yellowstone is home to abundant wildlife thriving due to one of the best kept secrets in North America.  Find out the facts about Yellowstone and the amazing facts about animals there and the beauty and danger surrounding them.


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